A franchise system is understood as a continuous collaboration system between two legally and economically independent parties.

Welcome! Are you ready to start your own business? Here are the steps to follow:

Why a Franchise?

  1. A circular of the offer is delivered
  2. You are provided with the cash flow summary, a summary of the investment estimate and material to be used in the third meeting such as the Confidential Application for the franchise and the Confidentiality Agreement.
  3. Once the confidential application for the franchise is completed, it is handed in together with the confidentiality agreement which will have to be signed during the meeting to acquire the detailed cash flow. In case of moving ahead with the project a Turf Reservation form is handed in by the managers of Reno Inc at Reno® offices.
  4. The area reservation is made formal and a model of contract for acquiring a franchise is given to the franchise-holder to be. Next, the legal entity of the franchise is registered and finally, the search for a physical space for the store starts and Reno approves it.
  5. Once the store is properly assembled the legal entities and Reno representatives sign the contract. Work and equipment: preparing the store and assembling the equipment for the opening. The franchise-holder pays the corresponding amount for the equipment being delivered. Reno reservation is discounted.

• Building and Equipment: the work, the store equipment and the opening preparations begin. Pay the corresponding amount for the supply of the exhibition items. We deduct the reservation of Reno.

• Staff Selection: staff selection is done under Reno supervision and advice.

• Intense training: staff training by Reno.

• Delivery of operation manual.

• Opening the store and . Good luck!!!!