Great works
The guarantee of our service to construction companiesis reflected through our specialized and highly trained professionals who advice our customersthrough the process of choosing equipmentsand control each stage of the project.

Our guarantee includes:

01 Professional advice in choosing the proper design for kitchen and other home areas.

02 Budget of the project, printed plans and renders.

03 Measurement of the work as a control instrument, and adaptation of the equipment into the spaces determined by the builder.

04 Programmed and documented commitment in production terms, quality control, delivery and installation.

05 Verification of space conditions and installation of services (taps, plugs, gas exhausters) as a preventive action before the proper installation of the equipment.

06 Combined definition of linings for a more efficient use of time and materials chosen by the manufacturer.

07 Pursuit and control of each stage of the process, from the project definition to the equipment installation.

08 Five-year guarantee.