About Reno


It has been 65 years since we have first entered the kitchen market and today there are millions of people who enjoy our products all over the world. How did we do it?

  • 1956 With Reno Foundational Manuscript commence production.
  • 1968 Assembly line production method.
  • 1974 First argentinian company to offer modulated furnishings.
  • 1980 Research and Development center in Europe.
  • 1990 Internazionalization. Adequate production to international standards. Open to Mercosur and worldwide.
  • 2000 In-factory Research&Development department. Reno exclusive franchise network, Industrial automation. Investment in technology, with no similar in South America.
  • 2008 Advanced technology that can raise industrial output by 45%., new squad and paste process with the highest quality standards. Improved cutting process reducing the lead to one thousandth of a millimeter. New closets and dressers line.
  • 2010 International consolidation. Market positioning worldwide.
  • 2013 Robotic technology that allows flexibility and customization in processes and design a product.
  • 2016 Factory size increase by 30%. Implementation of new Customized Manufactured System (CMS) that allows Reno to offer a product tailored for each market, broadening our market strategy.